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Welcome back, gentlemen. Today, we’re going to cover the topic of the dress shirt. You may be thinking to yourself, what’s to know about a dress shirt? It’s a button up shirt with a collar what’s to know? Well, there are many different forms and styles to cover as well as proper ways to wear different patterns with other patterns. So, let’s begin!

What is a dress shirt? In simplest form, it is a button-up shirt with a collar, buttons, and cuffs. There are many types of dress shirts, and also different colors, patterns, fabrics, collar choices, and cuff choices. Another thing not to be over looked is what are you wearing the dress shirt to? A party, your job, a date, a night out? All these will determine how you wear the dress shirt itself.

There are several types of fabric choices out there varying by price. Some fabrics can feel rough on the skin and feel textured, and others can be made of silk or a soft cotton fabric that is gentle on the skin and light weight. This all boils down to personal price range and budget.

Collars are also another important point to make here because the look and style of the collar will make a huge difference in the visual presentation of the shirt. There are plenty of shirt collars out there to choose from. Unfortunately, buying off the rack leaves you with a few selected choices. If you have the budget, we have several affordable options to choose from on our site that will help you stand out. The most common collars being worn today are Point and Spread collars. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

The next thing is the cuff style choice. Just like its counterpart the collar, there are many cuff choices to choose from. You have the French cuff which is for more formal settings and the button cuffs which vary from one to two buttons for less formal events. French cuffs differ from the button cuff in that they require cuff links to be worn with it. The button cuffs already come with buttons attached to the shirt, however, you can place nicer button options on your shirts such as mother of pearl buttons if your choosing to get your shirt custom made.

Colors and patterns are also something to consider. There are thousands of color and pattern choices to choose from when purchasing or creating a custom shirt. This comes down to personal preference, skin tone, and what you’re wearing your shirt with. If you choose to wear a pattern, some helpful tips to remember are to not wear the same type of pattern that your suit is, for example. And if you pick a striped pattern to remember that the thinner the stripes the more formal the shirt is.

Last thing we need to cover is the shirt fit. This is, by far, the most important subject we have talked about. If your dress shirt is too loose or too tight, no matter how much you’ve spent on it or what options you have with it, it will not look right. The shirt will not look good on you if it is hanging off of you or is so tight that the buttons are pulling apart. Dress shirt fits tend to vary on your body type. If you’re a larger gentleman, a little looser fit will compliment you better, however, be careful not to be too loose. If you’re a slender, skinnier gentleman, a more form fitting shirt will be better way to go. Be careful not to be too tight, though. Your shirt should still have enough room to move around and not stretch with different sitting positions and motions.

There are many different options that are not covered in this blog such as placket style, yoke, thread colors, back styles, pocket options, gussets, and many more. The world of custom clothing can be intimidating. Hopefully this guide will help to get the basic understanding of picking out a dress shirt and how to wear it will get you started. You can check our shirt selection. As always, have fun discovering the Modern Man in you.