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Stylization remains incomplete until and unless all the accessories, shoes, and dress harmonize with each other to create a look. In casual wear, it is easier and we have a lot of margin to play with the choices, but when it comes to formal wear, one inadequate selection can ruin the charm of the whole look.

Shoes play a vital role in enhancing the artistry of suiting. It is a common idea that shoes are less noticeable in a look, but it is totally wrong because shoes tie in with the pants especially. In suiting, maintaining the classiness of coat is very important and it is impossible without making the right choice of footwear.

The idea of wearing black for every type and color of suiting is often problematic because it lures down the appearance of some colors. The same color of shoes and suit also can create a dullness in your personality, but still, it is the safest choice. In this blog, you will be reading about the color and styles of shoes that can enchant the appearance of the whole attire.

In past, we usually had 3 major ranges of colors for shoes worn with formal wear. These colors are black, brown, and burgundy/oxblood. Along with the shoes, the suiting was also limited to shades of blacks, gray, white, and dark blue. Nowadays, the designers play with colors along with designs, so a wide range is available in the market for suiting and to match the style shoes are also created in various hues.

Here is a small guideline to help you decide optimal shoe color so that your dream of having a decent, unique and fashionable look can come true.

If you categorized the most common colors of suits, here is a list you should take these pair of shoes with suits

  • Black goes with black! Black suits have a grace that can flashed away with other colors, so black color shoes are a perfect choice. You can also embrace your style by selecting white, grey, or dark brown shoes with black suiting for any occasion.
  • Charcoal suits can blend well with black shoes, and with ash color. Ash is the new trend with charcoal and grey suits. The style enhances with a black pair of shoes.
  • Navy color suits look amazing with brown and burgundy shoes. You can select darker to lighter, or virtually any tint of brown. Selecting the burgundy is also a great option, which is less reddish.
  • Grey suits brings out modern class when carried out with dark brown or burgundy shoes. With a grey coat, a burgundy tint with more reddish contrast looks amazing. Cream color shoes can also boost up your looks with grey.
  • Light grey suiting gives a stylish look when paired with black, light brown, cream, and burgundy color shoes. A new trend is to wear grey suit with red shoes, however, it may not be an adequate choice for formal occasions because it kills the formal appearance and seriousness of personality.
  • White suiting has a unique nature. Sometimes white looks good with some colors, while other times it does not. For white coats, choose white, black, red, maroon, grey, brown and burgundy. The best way for white is to try them on and judge your looks.
  • Champagne colored fabric of suiting will balance with so many colors. According to the environment, you can select among brown, burgundy, white, grey, etc. Avoid shiny black shoes with these suits because it kills the mildness and soft appeal of the fabric color.
  • Khaki color suiting is a little tricky because the first call that comes into mind with this color is the uniforms. To avoid connecting your suit to any such thing it is suggested not to select matching color or light brown shoes. Black is also not a very creative selection for this color. Grey, burgundy and dark brown shoes looks great, so go for them.
  • Dark brown coats are a grace symbol like the black ones, so it is important to keep that effect alive. The best option is to go for matching color shoes. If you can’t have a proper matching shade, then go for contrasting colors like cream, light brown, or light grey.
  • Olive Green/other greens colored suits are a modern choice, they not only look elegant but also chic.
  • Red/maroon or any close color of fabric for suiting is a very tricky and unusual choice. It can easily make you look weird if anything with the dress goes wrong. So, a very thoughtful choice is mandatory for this color to stay on the stylish side of personality and suiting. Red shoes will not look appropriate. White can go with this color if the shirt inside it is, as well. Otherwise, black is the finest option for shoes.
  • Other colors like yellow, dark green, indigo, violet etc. are not a great choice for suiting fabrics and are not meant for formal occasions. If you choose to wear these colors, try black, white or dark brown shoes. Another smart option is to wear a white shirt and a matching color tie to synchronize the overall look.

Matching shoes look really good with outfits, especially coats, but it is a difficult job to find them. Options of customized shoe colors are available in the market, but that is an expensive option.

Wearing a printed tie and matching its dominant color with shoes, or simply carrying a plain matching color tie with shoes is also a way to create an elegant look.

While selecting shoes along with suiting fabric color, also keep in mind the color of the shirt. With light color or white shirts, a smart-looking design and classical colors look really wonderful. With a black color shirt, usually only black shoes suit the look.

Playing with shoe colors can give an entirely different and reviving look to the same suiting. So, while repeating the dress, you can create new charm by changing your shoes. It’s and an easy and creative way to have a fashionable look.

Hope you like reading the blog and you found this guideline a helpful one.