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Sunglasses or sunshades were invented to protect our eyes from the sharp light of the sun. One major reason was to create a shield to save our eyes from UV rays. It also comforts eyes in sun. Along with all these purposes, sunglasses can now serve as a measure of style.

The concept of wearing sunglasses indoor and in night parties are practical examples of the point that its major drive is to become a style accessory. When it comes to special occasions like prom, parties, wedding dinners, office gatherings, red carpet events etc., the sunglasses can play an stunning role in men`s looks.

Imagine a man wearing a nice coat suit, dashing sunglasses, and walking with confidence. For sure, the sunglasses are an imperative part of looks, even in your imaginations. The whole look can turn down if that person has selected an inappropriate frame, color or style of the glasses.

Synchronization of sunglasses with your suit is mandatory. With that, the frame should suit the shape of your face and the hue of shades should go with the environment or occasion theme. Here is a small guide to tell you how to make a perfect choice of shades.

Selection According to Face Shapes

Human faces are divided into 7 categories with respect to the shape of the outer line of the face which is oval, heart, diamond, oblong, round, square, and triangle.

The round shape faces look softer when it comes to their features. Usually, the cheeks look chubby, so a slightly wider frame will compliment the face because it will make the cheeks look thinner. If the suiting color and look is less formal, try a cat-eye upturn frame, but if your dress is completely formal, then go for any angular shaped frame. Avoid round shaped frames because it will mimic your face and features will look flabby.

An oval face is an ideal face for sunshades because almost all the types of frames flatter the face. If the shirt with the coat are very soft colors, then an aviator frame in dark tint looks really great. The total formal look with the oval face and a touch of playful colored glass or a hippy frame can make a stylish blend. The overall look will surely play up the personality. Avoid wearing frames with long or broad arms because they can make your features look more elongated.

Oblong faces are a little complicated because the jaw bone is usually of narrow proportion, and sunglasses can make them look even longer. In this case, there is a need to balance the features with the frame. While keeping in mind a formal look with coat suiting and sunglasses, the suggestion is to go for round or square shaped frame. Vintage style and thick frames can make you look stunning.

Square faces have strong and bold features, so angular and sharp lined frames are not suitable for this type because they will make you look boxy. Heavily detailed designed or broad frames are also not a good choice because along with a suiting and such frames your personality will fade. The frames with circular designs are best for square faces. Go for round, oval or any shape close to oval with a minimal and sleek frame design.

Triangular faces sometimes have a broader forehead and thin jaw line and sometimes the jaw line is heavy and as compare to the forehead. For both cases, the features can be balanced by drawing attention to the middle part of the face, which is the eye area. Suiting creatures a mature appearance for such faces so a teardrop shape can accolade the overall look. A traditional frame with round cuts will also give a fine look.

In a diamond shape face, the wide cheekbone dominates all the features, so retro styles and rectangular frames soften its prominence and help draw the attention to the upper or lower part of the face. Carrying a suit piece with sunglasses will create a highly formal look if the frame is vintage wayfarer of a dark color.

Heart shaped face are a challenge for the designers of eye wear frames because it is hard to draw attention towards the required portion of the face. In a formal dressing like coats, the suggestion is to select a frame that has the straight top line. Traditional aviators are a safe play for such faces. The frames that are delicate and sleek in design are the finest choice, like rimless or half-rimmed frames.

Selecting Appropriate Colors

Suits are worn on special occasions and events, where adequate appearance is quite mandatory to show the man’s style or personality. So keeping a balance in overall attire is the best way to go. When it comes to selection sunglasses, its color should complement the hair color, skin tone, and dress.

There are two possible options: one is the frame color and second is the glass color. If the frame is delicate and thin, then metallic colors like golden, matte gold, silver, matte silver, bronze hues look amazing with any dark color glass and it makes a flow with suiting and any hair color. If the frame is broader, then avoid these colors for the frame.

For thick frames, it is best to go with black, browns, maroon and darker blues or darker tints of greens. Avoid selection of purple, pinks, orange or bright hues because they overwhelm the overall style of the suit.

The glass color can be any. There is a big margin of playing with glass colors. It is hard to suggest any specific color because every face gives the entirely different look with the same color. For night events or completely indoor events, it is suggested to go for 20 % transparent to 80% transparent. For daytime events, all pure black looks great.

The most appropriate way to invest in for sunshades is to try them. There is no hard and fast rule, sometimes totally odd options look amazing on individual faces. Avoid choosing sportswear frames with suiting, they can easily ruin the elegance of suiting. They look good for casual dressing only.

Another very important point is that classical frames have their name in the market for a reason. They play a great part in enhancing personality, which is why it is better to give them a priority.

Hope you will find the blog helpful, and next time selection of sunshades will enhance your confidence.

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