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Modern Man Suits is more than just a men’s clothing brand. Its owner and founder had a vision to not only create a clothing line that brought modern suiting to the worlds marketplace, but to make the Modern Man concept a way of life for men. In today’s world, there are many challenges men face, one of which is style. Style can be used as a broad term. However, we believe style consists of a few basic elements: clothing, grooming, culture, and confidence. These four elements make up the Modern Man.

Let’s start with the first element:

Clothing, A man has many challenges in the way of clothing in today’s modern world.

Such as what to wear to your employer, what to wear on a date, what to wear on an interview, and what to wear on a night out on the town. As you can see, there are several different occasions that arise that will cause you to have to choose the correct outfit to wear. Depending on what type of job you have as well as company policies will determine the appropriate outfit. However, this should not stop you from dressing your best. Research has shown that a person the dresses to impress will have a higher chance of landing the job you want and have a higher chance of getting a promotion.

Dressing for an interview, for example, can be the deciding factor if you get the job over the other candidates. I personally have gotten a job because of what I wore to the interview. I was not the most qualified candidates, however, I was the candidate that stood out to the interview panel because of the way I dressed and carried myself. Even if the job you are applying to is not an office setting or requires you to wear dress clothes, you should still present yourself to your interviewer in a professional manner. We recommend wearing a two-button navy blue or a grey suit. Solid colors are the best option to go with try to avoid patterns. Keeping things simple is the best way to go.

Grooming is the second element to the Modern Man.

If you’re going to the extent of putting a suit on or dressing up, you’re going to want to be well-groomed. Grooming encompasses many things: hair, facial hair, nails, and scents. Having a well-groomed hair cut will give you confidence and change the shape of your face. Shaving is also a lost art nowadays, as having beards is becoming a popular trend which has its own styling advantages as well.

However, if you’re still a guy that enjoys a shaved face, it will give you a masculine and groomed look. Make sure you keep your nails well-groomed and cut. If you’re in the business world or a person that needs to close the deal, you know it starts and ends with a handshake. Lastly, keep several different colognes on hand. You don’t want an overpowering scent, but a light scent that is pleasing to everyone. There are many types of colognes scents out there for different times, seasons, and events which will be covered in another blog.

Culture is the third element of the Modern Man.

We have become more of an international culture now a day within the business world, traveling and exploring, and the modern internet. Being well-versed in different cultures and languages can put you a step ahead of everyone else. It will help you in conversations and making friends and business partners for life.

The last element of the Modern Man we are going to talk about is confidence.

Confidence comes in many shapes and forms. Without confidence, all the other elements that we have discussed will not work. You see all the elements must align to make the complete Modern Man. You can put the fanciest suit or clothes on, you can have the most expensive haircut, you can smell like a million bucks but, if you lack confidence it all falls apart. When you walk into the room, you should own the room, all eyes should turn to you, you must draw people to you. Make good eye contact with everyone you encounter, stand up straight and have good posture, and most of all be yourself. Every man must be his own Modern Man. Don’t just fit into the crowd because that’s the trend or style but make your own trend and style. Be the person you want to become and good things will follow suit. And as always have fun with it.