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The world of custom suits has become more mainstream in recent days with the surge of Made to Measure online companies and more affordable prices for custom suits. However, there are still limitations to this concept that are still being worked on. One of which is getting your product to fit perfectly when you receive it without having to get alterations. In the true custom suit world, you would go to a tailor two to three times for fitting to ensure accuracy. However, this simply is not possible with the online platform. Therefore, many companies offer partial or full refunds to get alterations to your suit. When you think about it though, getting some alterations to your suit is still not that bad especially when the company is paying for it. Consider it your second fitting if you were in an actual custom tailor shop.

Now to get down to the nitty gritty of picking and designing your custom suit. You will be faced with many options that can easily become overwhelming: fabric choices, buttons, stitching, cut style, lining fabrics and so on. The best thing to do is take it one step at a time and keep things simple. You should design a suit that fits your personal style as well as withstand the test of time, picking colors and options that stay in style through years to come. Navy blue and grey colored suits are always a classic and always stay in style.

So, you made the decision you want a custom suit, you’re online ready to make your purchase, what next? Depending on the website you will start with a fabric and color choice such as how we have on our website. Link will be shared below on how to get started. Somethings to keep in mind when picking colors and fabrics are your fabric type, as well as the color you’re wanting to purchase. There are many different types of fabrics throughout the world used from Italian fabrics, Australian fabrics, Asian fabrics, and so on. One main point to look at is, is it wool, wool blend, polyester, or polyester blend?

The best fabrics are 100% wool for several reasons: they last longer, they don’t wrinkle as easy, and they flow with your body shape better. One hundred percent wool suits are more expensive and for good reason, and you will have your suit a long time if you take care of it properly. A suit is an investment that you need to take care of. Just as a financial investment, a suit needs cared for as well. Polyester or synthetic blends are a cheaper type of suit. Most off the rack suits will be made from this type of fabric. The only real advantage to synthetic blends are the price point.

So, you got your fabric and color picked out. The next few options will be buttons, jacket and pants styles. Suit jackets come with many types of button options including one, two, three, and double breasted. The two-button look is most popular trend these days. Once again, it’s all a matter of preference. Another choice could be vent options, this simply means on the bottom of the jacket at the back where several different cuts including no vent, or side vents.

You may also have the choice of jacket linings and monograms with your name or initials. This again is personal choice and preference. The skies the limit on custom clothing! There are many different options out there in the world of custom suits. Some companies have more choices than others. But the look and feel of the clothing will be up to you. We offer many types of styles and choices to fit everyone’s style. If there’s something you don’t see or want just contact us and we will be happy to make your request possible.

We covered many different options to pick out a custom suit:

There are many more to cover however this could easily become overwhelming. We recommend starting with something simple and classic and evolving your style as time goes on. Some words advice to those that haven’t purchased online custom suits or clothing are to remember the old saying “you get what you pay for.” There are companies out there with two hundred dollar or less suits. You can be sure that the fabrics used are not the best and they are cutting corners somewhere.

Our company will only sell quality wool fabrics to our customers because we only want to produce the highest quality product. We are not interested in mass production, only handmade quality products. Our prices are a little higher than most online made to measure companies, however, you can rest assured only the finest quality materials are used. And each product is made by hand not by a computer or robot.

To sum things up, don’t be intimidated by online custom suits. It gives you the opportunity to design and wear something tailored to your fit and style. At the end of the day it should be an investment you made for yourself. Remember to always have fun discovering the Modern Man in you.