Why should I buy a custom suit or clothing?

Through recent years, custom clothing has become more mainstream with the launch of many online companies, making it easier for customers to purchase custom clothing at cheaper prices. There are many benefits when it comes to having clothing fit to your body profile. You will have a fit that is unmatched to any off the rack suit. You have the option to pick from hundreds of fabric choices that may be next to impossible to find in a department store. The fabrics used with our suits and shirts are only high quality material from the top fabric manufacturers in the world. You can pick from many design options to make your outfit personal to your style and taste. And most importantly, your suit will hold up over time to cleaning and daily wear then a cheap quality suit.

What’s the process to order my custom suit?

Very simple. First, go under our product selection tab and select which product you want to customize and purchase. We have made customizing your purchase as easy as a few clicks. You will be led through all the selections step by step with visual aids to help. At the end you will be taken to our measurement page, where you can place all your measurements and upload profile images of yourself to help our tailors get a better visual of your body profile.

Can I really accurately measure myself?

Absolutely! The only piece of equipment you need is a garment measuring tape, that can be found easily online or in stores for a few dollars. We do recommend you have a family member or friend do the measuring, so it may be is accurate as possible. If you’re not comfortable measuring yourself, you can go to a local tailor or alteration business to have them do the measuring for you. Just simply print out our measurement form and take it with you to fill out. A helpful tip when measuring, round up to the nearest ¼ inch. It is better to give yourself a little more room then have the clothing fit too tight. Making adjustments to your suit will be way easier if it is looser. Double check your measurements to ensure you have accurately typed them. For help measuring, you can go to our measurement guide to assist you in how to properly measure yourself.

I made a mistake on a measurement. Is it too late to fix?

Not at all. Just contact our customer service with your order number within 48 hours of your order and we will fix any issue you have. It is our mission to make sure you are completely happy with your purchase and our products.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes you can. Just contact our customer service department within 48 hours of your order and we will be able to cancel it.

Do you offer returns?

Unfortunately we do not offer 100% refunds due to clothing being custom made to you. However, we do offer partial refund of $30.00 USD for any corrections needed at a local tailor. If you are not completely happy with your product, please feel free to reach out to us so we can find a way to completely satisfy you with a solution. We pride ourselves in customer service.

But off the rack suits are cheaper and I can take them home that day. Why should I invest in a custom suit that I can’t even see?

Great question! There are many reasons, we know it’s nerve wracking and overwhelming to buy your first custom suit. However, we are here to help. Any suit, even a cheaper suit, is an investment on your part. It takes time and money to find the right suit, so why waste your time going to department stores trying to find your size or design that you want with the hope they have it? That being said, companies making mass production suits are now offering slim fit suits that are fitting much better than they used to. However, these suits will still not fit the way you want them to because everyone’s body type is different unless you are lucky enough to have that perfect body. You may have larger shoulders, longer arms, or larger waist which will affect the way the suit fits on the body. Also, some suit stores sell their suits as a pair. For example, you get the jacket and a pair of pants that are in a general range with the jacket.  This can cause multiple complications, the jacket might fit but, your pants will most likely be too large and baggy on you making you feel dissatisfied with your purchase. The company will offer to tailor your suit for you. Unfortunately, you can only tailor a suit so much before it starts to look wrong. If you pick a suit with a pattern and you need to taper your pant legs, the pattern will be off and not look correct if you taper too much. So this brings us to the very reason why purchasing a custom suit is a wise investment. Everything will be made to your exact specifications with the bonus of picking from hundreds of fabric colors and designs. You can have the satisfaction that nobody else in the world will have your exact suit. A suit is like any investment: it takes money and care, but if you make a wise investment, you will have your purchase for years to come.

How long does it take to receive my order?

Typically, you will receive your order between 4-5 weeks of purchase depending on volume of orders.

How do I care for my suit?

Our suits are dry clean only. We ask that you do not wash your suit in a washing machine. After each wear, hang your suit overnight so the moisture can escape from the fabric. Hang your suit pants long ways from the bottom to help naturally get the wrinkles out. If your suit is not physically dirty, we suggest using a steamer to get the wrinkles out. Do not iron your suit as it can cause a shine to your fabric which will ruin the fabric. Dry cleaning a suit will cause wear on your suit over time no matter how good the fabric is, so we suggest dry clean when only necessary. Make sure you go to a trusted dry cleaner in your area. There’s a reason some dry cleaners have cheaper prices than others.

What makes Modern Man Suits different than everyone else?

We at Modern Man Suits were founded on a few basic principles. First and foremost, we want to deliver only high quality fabrics at reasonable prices. You will not find polyester blends on our website. We carry only wool and cotton blends from leading companies. Second, customer service is the cornerstone of our business. After all, without you we would have no business. Thirdly, every product is handmade with care. We do not use computerized machines to quickly turn your purchase out to make a profit. Our tailors have over 30 years of experience in making custom clothes, so you can rest assured that your suit is in good hands. This is why we partnered with a family run tailoring business to ensure we produced a beautiful product. Many of our online competitors have massive factories to produce products at a mass level to turn a profit. We view every customer as a member of the modern family and as a member of our family. We will treat you as such.

Do you offer style tips and advice?

Absolutely! Feel free to email us at customerservice@modernmansuits.com anytime with your questions and we will get back to you within 24 hours. You can also check out our blog page on style tips and advice.

Is there extra options for my suit that I can choose that are not on the website?

We do have other options for you suit junkies out there. You can add your request in the special request box at checkout and we will contact you with with a follow up.

I still have questions.

No problem, you can contact via our email at customerservice@modernmansuits.com or using our chat box.