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Men`s formal wear is incomplete without a coat. Most of us are aware of the styles and the ways to carry it, but sometimes we are not confident about our choices.

It is very common that when we look at magazine pictures or actors wearing a suit piece, we fall for it, but when we try something exactly the same or close to it, we feel that there is something missing.

This is usually because we do not notice the accessories. A style is created when all of the worn items synchronize with each other and with the theme of the surroundings as well.

We all know that suits look better if worn with a beautiful tie or bow of contrasting colors. We also know about belts, the importance of them, and how it adds character to the outfit. But what about the accessories used in special occasions that are of equal importance?

Obviously, you do not want to look odd or outdated in any of your special moments (or worse yet, like you are trying too hard). Here in this blog, you will be reading about some fashionable accessories that most of us do not usually know how to wear properly and for which occasions.

The Boutonniere

The boutonniere is basically a small size cut flower or a bud. It is a French tradition that sets off the lapel of man`s suit. In the past, a real or artificial flower was used, but nowadays metal and crystalline flowers of different designs are used.

Boutonnieres are usually used for formal wears and are suitable for occasions like prom nights, funerals, homecomings, and weddings. For weddings, it is believed in different cultures that it keeps at bay bad smells, disease, and evil spirits. So, a groom`s dress is incomplete without it.

Boutonnieres are adjusted at the left lapel of coats, and the stalk is seized in place with a loop at the back of the lapel. It is a traditional way for men to wear flowers with masculine charm.

The Collar Brooch

Collar brooches can look becoming on men and are also suitable for formal wear. A collar brooch is worn with formal and informal shirts. The most important part is the design. For formal suits, the design is usually small size, sharp looking, and in a matte finish or light colored.

The materials of brooches are of several varieties, but mostly they are metals including bronze, copper, pewter, steel, and silver or ornamental materials like Swarovski crystals, feathers, plastic stones, sea shells, pearls and pearl imitations. Some of the expensive pieces are also made up of gold and diamonds.

Collar brooches add a spark to the look. They look modern yet very sophisticated. A nice selection of design can double up the elegance of your image.

The Lapel Pin

Lapel pins are an advanced version of boutonnieres. The difference is the way that they attach to the lapel. These pins are considered a symbol of accomplishment or association to any particular organization and designation.

Nowadays, lapel pins are also a fashion accessory and are available in hundreds of varieties. The handcrafted and metallic pins are mostly liked by men. Some pins are also made up of fabrics while some have gems in the designs.

Lapel pins can add color to any black and white or any light color combination of suiting. They can make you feel like a gentleman on any occasion.

The Cufflinks

A cufflink’s main purpose is to fasten the two ends of sleeves or coat front. They actually add great detail to the outfit and can look elegant. The area for design is much smaller in cufflinks because of their small size but somehow designers manage to add carving, fabric folds, stones, pearls and many other details.

Light versus dark contrasts among shirt/coat and cufflinks are considered highly classy. The royal style includes a selection of cufflinks of precious metals like gold or silver with precious stones of almost any color.

The Pocket Square

The pocket square is a simple piece of fabric, folded in a shape to fit into the pocket cut of the coat. Sometimes it is plain and sometimes it is printed. There are many techniques of folding the fabric to create different shapes with it.

Some common fold types are here for the readers. The first is the straight fold which is also considered a completely formal way of setting a pocket square. It is appropriate for business meetings and official occasions. Another fold is the puff fold which is less formal and more functional. It is preferred by men because it is easy to set.

A peak fold is also called corner fold, and it is also a formal way of using pocket square. It is a common choice for weddings and related occasions. The four peak folding is a fancy style. This type of folding is best for events where formal and informal both attires are acceptable. There are some more styles as well, but the above mentioned are the common and classic ones.

The mentioned five accessories are also linked to trends and traditions. That is why they have a unique and essential place in timeless fashion. However, the size, material, color and design of these products are still your choice.

It is ideal to use all of the accessories together in an outfit because when all the items can complement each other, the individuality of the man shows through.

The art of being well-dressed has the significance of every major or minor product that you use for yourself. So, neglecting any aspect will, unfortunately, stand out.

Hopefully, you will follow this guide whenever you are getting ready for something special. Rest assured, you can feel more comfortable because now you know the right way to utilize these accessories for ultimate style.

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